Ægtepar med forskellige næringsbehov

Married couples with different nutritional needs

When married couples have different nutritional needs

The passing of the years affects us differently, and along the way through the golden years, you may experience that you and your body have new needs.
Often it just requires a small adjustment in daily behavior, but sometimes it can also become a challenge. For example, if you don't just have to take care of yourself.

Hooray for being followed through life

It's great to have someone to share life with. We must enjoy life together.

We often hear that it is a challenge when married couples have different nutritional needs. If one eats more or less normally, and the other needs extra nutrition, then cooking can be a bit of a task.
It shouldn't be that way, if you ask us.
The meals, and in particular the community around them, are important, no matter what age we are. It must be something we look forward to. Not a challenge to be solved.

Eat the same food

With Adozan, you can continue cooking as usual.
Divide the portion in half, or take one portion away for the person who needs the extra nutrition, and simply stir the Adozan powder directly into the food.
Adozan is taste neutral and can be mixed directly into the food without being seen. It can be mixed in the sauce, in the soup or in the meat dish. It can be baked into bread or stirred into a cup of yogurt. And if it's easier for you, stir the powder into a glass of juice.
That way, you get all the nutrition you need, without the food having to be prepared differently.

Married couples can eat the same food.

The food can be enriched by serving it to the person who needs extra nutrition.

Which Adozan should you choose?

Adozan is available in different varieties, depending on what your nutritional needs are.

We have made a small guide that can help you. Click here to read it.

If you as a cohabiting or married couple have different nutritional needs, it is of course important that you follow any instructions from the doctor. If it is just a nutritional supplement that is needed, Adozan can help in most cases, and you are always welcome to call us if you would like to know more.