P-Boost, flydende protein

P-Boost, a liquid protein supplement

Adozan P-Boost can be an easy way to get extra proteins.

50 ml of P-boost provides 27 g of proteins

A small bottle of P-boost of 50 ml provides a supplement of 27 g of protein, which is as much as a large steak.
P-boost can be dosed continuously throughout the day with a splash in coffee, tea, juice, sauce, soup, porridge, etc. When the day is over and the bottle is empty, the body is enriched with 27 g of extra proteins.

P-boost can also be bought in 500 ml bottles, which can be kept in the fridge for at least 3 days after opening. Shelf life can be extended by freezing. P-boost can be poured into ice cube bags and taken up as needed. During freezing, P-boost turns white, but when it dries, it regains its golden color.

In comparison, 3 letters of Adozan High Protein provide 30 g of protein, which can also be a good alternative.

A small bottle of P-boost can be distributed in the day's drink and

provides as much protein as a steak

We recommend 1-2 tablespoons of P-Boost in 150 ml of food or drink to achieve a taste-neutral result

You can also make your own P-Boost

Recipe for 5 dl liquid protein solution

200 g Adozan High Protein or Adozan Protein +Hot
4 dl cold water
Whisk, bowl and jug

  1. Adozan HøjProtein is measured in a bowl
  2. Water is measured in a jug
  3. Water is poured into the powder while whisking. If lumps occur, the solution can be left for a few minutes until the lumps are dissolved, but it is easy to avoid lumps when whipping with a whisk while adding water. The solution will be slightly foamy, but the foam will disappear on standing.

Protein content in the finished solution: 40 g of protein per dl, 6 g protein per tbsp

The finished protein solution can be added to juice, juice, cream, coffee, porridge, beer bread etc. Recommends 1-2 tablespoons in 150 ml of food or drink to achieve a taste-neutral result. Please note that if you use Adozan HøjProtein, the product can withstand up to 75 degrees. If Adozan Protein +Hot is used, the product can withstand boiling, which can extend the shelf life of your solution.