Syge har behov for ekstra næring

Sick people need extra nutrition

Illness can cause rapid unintentional weight loss

If you are ill, you may experience drastic weight loss without having tried to lose weight yourself.
Unintentional weight loss most often occurs due to:

  • lack of appetite and weakness associated with illness
  • your body burns extra calories when the body's defenses fight to fight disease

The more serious the disease, the greater the risk of unintentional weight loss and malnutrition.

7 tips on how to avoid weight loss during illness:

  1. Weigh yourself every week so that you can quickly react to any weight changes
  2. Eat food with a high energy content, ie. food with a high fat and sugar content
  3. Only drink liquids with a lot of calories, e.g. milk, juice, juice, cold drinks, cocoa, etc
  4. Eat and drink lots of protein
  5. Get friends and family to help you with shopping, cooking etc. That way you save energy and the chance that you will get enough to eat is greater
  6. Get food from outside during the period of illness.
  7. When admitted, you must also make sure you get enough food and drink


When the body is on high alert due to illness, extra calories and protein are needed.
A pneumonia can require as much extra fuel and building material as a marathon.

Consequences of unintentional weight loss

Maybe you are one of those who want to lose weight, and maybe you think that an accidental weight loss is only a positive thing.
But unfortunately that is not the case.
The reason why unintentional weight loss is bad during illness is that the weight loss is more about the muscle mass than the fat stores.
This means that the muscles you need to use in daily life will become smaller and you will lack them.
If you lose weight during illness, you will feel weak throughout your body, and it will be more difficult for you to cope with a normal daily life.
This means that it is important that you eat and drink to have something to fight your illness with.
In this way, possible weight loss is prevented, and you ensure that your body gets some energy to fight the disease.
This applies both when you are sick at home or when you are hospitalized.

Adozan can add extra calories and protein

Adozan can be mixed into food and drink and increase the nutritional content without changing the volume, taste and consistency. In other words, Adozan can give your favorite dishes some extra power.
Adozan is stirred into food and drink both during preparation and when serving, in baked goods and bread, in hot and cold dishes and drinks.

4 Adozan products in particular are recommended for picky eaters....

Cold/Hot has a high content of unsaturated fat and protein. This product becomes whitish after dissolution and is very suitable in a cup of coffee, shakes, soups, baked goods, porridge, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, etc.

Transparent provides extra calories from carbohydrate and protein. This product becomes transparent after dissolution and is therefore suitable for use in juice, soups and fruit porridge.

High energy is high in unsaturated fat but low in protein. This product becomes whitish after dissolution and is very suitable in a cup of coffee, shakes, soups, baked goods, porridge, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, etc.

Adozan Chocolate contains as many calories as regular chocolate, but the advantage of Adozan Chocolate is that it also contributes proteins. AND then it's ready to eat.


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