Adozan varianter

Which Adozan variant should I choose?

Help to choose the right Adozan

Adozan product overview

Adozan is available in several variants, and here you will find help in choosing the right product.
The most important thing is:

What do you need?

There is a difference in what the body needs. Take your doctor or dietitian along for advice, so you are sure that you are doing exactly the right thing to strengthen your body and your health.

Do you need extra calories in your food?

Then you should choose Adozan HøjEnergi.
Adozan HøjEnergi has a high content of unsaturated fat and due to the high fat content, the product has a high calorie content.
The powder can be used both cold and hot and stirred directly into liquids (sauce, dressing, milk products, coffee, etc.), both during food preparation and just before serving.

Do you need more protein?

Then you can choose P-Boost, Adozan HøjProtein or Adozan Protein +Hot .
P-Boost is a liquid protein concentrate that is mixed into the food. Many choose e.g. simply pouring it into the coffee because it's easy. It can be used both cold and hot.
Adozan High Protein and Adozan Protein +Hot . is a powder that, like the other Adozan Powders, can be used both cold and hot, and is stirred into the food both during preparation and just before serving. However, Adozan HøjProtein has the limitation that it can only withstand heating to 75 degrees. At a higher temperature, the proteins will coagulate and form lumps. Therefore, we recommend that Adozan HøjProtein be added to soup, coffee, etc. when cooled to drinking temperature. Adozan Protein +Hot withstands 100 degrees.
When baking, the temperature typically rises above 75 degrees, but this causes no problems with coagulation. Both Adozan HøjProtein and Protein +Hot is well suited for baking.

Do you need both extra calories and protein?

Then we have several products you can choose from.

Adozan Cold/Warm is a nutritional supplement that contains both extra calories and protein, and which can be used exactly as you wish. In hot food, both during preparation and serving, in baked goods and bread, in cold dishes and drinks.
Adozan Transparent works completely as Cold/Hot, but is more suitable for e.g. clear soups and drinks, as it will appear more transparent than Adozan Cold/Hot.
Adozan Chocolate is delicious, filled chocolate that is enriched with both energy and protein. But it only tastes like the most delicious dessert chocolate.