Hvorfor falder appetitten med alderen?

Why does appetite decrease with age?

Have you lost your appetite with age?

You are far from the only one.
Many elderly people find it difficult to eat enough for the body to have what it needs.
This is because the appetite decreases with age.
In fact, appetite changes throughout life, and here we try to answer the question:

Why do you lose your appetite as you get older?

It deals with, among other things, about hormones.

Your hormonal balance has a big influence on your hunger.
So does sleep, physical activity and even emotions. But the hormones really play a role.
From the time you are 30 until you are 40, you will feel a difference.
Most women in that age group will even claim that they can feel a difference from day to day, and that is also true. This is due to the monthly hormonal balance.


When you reach menopause, major changes occur in your hormonal balance, and this can be felt in your appetite.
Most women find that they gain a little weight now. It is the body's way of protecting you against old age.
Even if you are only in your 50s and your head still feels like you were 30, things are happening in your body now.

The stomach loses elasticity

Among other things. the tissue loses some of its elasticity. This also applies to the tissue in the stomach. For some, this means that already around the 60s they start to feel full more quickly, simply because the stomach can no longer expand when food enters it.
Therefore, you will automatically eat less than before, and thus also quietly lose weight.

Medicines affect appetite

As people age, the need for medication also increases for many people.
Now the wear and tear of a long life begins to be felt and felt on the body, and it is far from abnormal to have to take different types of medicine in order to thrive as best as possible.
Medicines have a big impact on your appetite. Some medicines cause the sense of taste to change, other medicines change saliva production and so medicines can have an impact on your appetite in many different ways.

Why does appetite decrease with age?

Many elderly people find that their appetite decreases with age. It is completely natural and here you will get the explanation

It is therefore important that the elderly get enough nutrition

Older people who lose too much weight in old age tend to fall more often than people of normal weight. They are more fragile and statistically, underweight elderly people spend longer in hospital.
The body needs the nutrients to maintain the processes that keep you healthy, so even if your appetite is not great, it is important that you get the nutrition your body needs.

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