Adozan Protein+Hot
Adozan Protein+Hot
Adozan Protein+Hot


Adozan Protein+Hot

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Adozan Protein+Hot is a taste-neutral protein supplement in powder form that can be added to food and drink.
Can e.g. added to soup, porridge, sauce, various dinner dishes, energy and protein drinks, milk products and hot drinks, coffee, tea and cocoa. Find tips and recipes at
Adozan Protein+Hot withstands boiling and is therefore very suitable in dishes where the powder is cooked with and in drinks that are above 75 degrees when the powder is added.
Adozan Protein+Hot is not flavored, but an aftertaste of protein may appear when the powder is added in high concentration.

Adozan has 2 variants of powder where 100% of the energy comes from protein: Protein+Hot and HighProtein.
Adozan Protein+Hot has the advantage that it can withstand high heat, but it has a lower content of essential amino acids than Adozan HøjProtein.
Adozan HøjProtein must be treated more gently, but is tasteless and has a higher content of essential amino acids.

Ingredients: Protein (beef and MILK)
Application: Adozan Protein+Hot can be mixed with food and drink.
Thermal stability: Withstands being cooked
Recommended use:
 5-10 grams per portion of food/drink at 125 ml (40-88 grams per litre).
Packaging: 3 kg buckets. Tubes and buckets contain measuring spoons for 10 g of powder.
Durability: 24 months from date of production.
Appearance: Clear.
Storage: Dry, dark and not too hot in airtight packaging

Nutritional content per 100 grams

Energy kJ/Kcal: 1649/393
Protein: 99g
Carbohydrate: 0.5 g
Salt: 0.23 g

Allergen info
400 mg lactose/100 g product
Free of Gluten
Free from Soya